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APXnet delivers sophisticated Wide Area Network solutions, High Quality Internet Access and Last Mile Alternatives to both metro and rural markets nationwide. We give our clients a variety of innovative data products to better serve their specific IT needs. At APXnet, we are dedicated to the principles of Superior Network Performance, Proven Redundancy, and most importantly, Exceptional Customer Service.

At APXnet, we service two customer segments: “Enterprise Clients” (Medium to Large businesses including Fortune 100 companies) and “Wholesale Clients” (Service Providers, Carriers and Application/Content Providers), whose needs are primarily, High Speed Internet Access, Wide Area Network Solutions and Last Mile opportunities.

Since most of our services are delivered 100% independent from the traditional and older “Ma” Bell local Telephone network, APXnet clients experience unsurpassed reliability and redundancy into their facilities.

APXnet’s customers no longer have to hear:

                           “It’s the local phone company’s problem,
                           and there is nothing you can do but wait.”
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