What is SD-Internet?

What is SD-Internet
APX Net SD-Internet, or Software-Defined Internet, is a game-changing, next-generation managed network service that delivers superior Internet reliability and performance, so your business stays up and running 24/7/365. Our SD-Internet is ideal for single-location businesses that want an always-on connection to the Internet and critical cloud applications.

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What is SD-Internet

How It Works

How Does SD-Internet Work?

APX Net SD-Internet protects your business from unexpected interruptions by detecting your network and application needs and adapting in real time. We deploy an SD-Internet appliance at your business location and connect it to two diverse Internet connections. The appliance routes traffic dynamically across the connections, so your network never goes down.

Diagram of How SD-Internet Works

How Can SD-Internet Work for You?

Getting Started is Easy with APX Net SD-Internet Packages

APX Net SD-Internet is easy to deploy and manage. We provide everything you need as a package, including:


  • APX Net SD-Internet Appliance
  • Engineering Support for Setup
  • Primary Circuit – Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) over Fiber
  • Secondary Circuit – Broadband Internet Access over Fiber


Benefits of SD-Internet for Business Networks

Because it’s software driven, APX Net SD-Internet changes the way that Internet connections are managed, which delivers many business benefits, such as:

SD-Internet Redundancy

Optimal Reliability

Our architecture is fully redundant with automatic failover, so 100% of your cloud and Internet traffic is protected.

Load Balancing with SD-Internet

Load Balancing

Our solution constantly monitors each circuit and adapts in real-time to performance issues before they impact your business.

Prioritizing Traffic with SD-Internet

Traffic Prioritization

Our SD-Internet appliance prioritizes your mission-critical traffic moving in and out of your business network.

SD-Internet Network Flexibility

Network Flexibility

With APX Net SD-Internet, you have the option to add, diversify and aggregate bandwidth using any local Internet service provider (ISP).

Cloud Services

Cloud Productivity

We prioritize traffic to cloud services and manage connections end-to-end to ensure low latency access to your cloud applications.

SD-Internet Reporting

Visibility & Reporting

Our web dashboard and reports offer network visibility for evaluating performance, including bandwidth demand and resolving issues.

Fewer Support Calls

Fewer Support Calls

With APX Net SD-Internet, calls to your support center from employees and customers reporting Internet downtime will be drastically reduced.

How Can APX Net SD-Internet Benefit Your Business?

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Features of the APX Net SD-Internet Service


99.999% Service Level Agreement


24/7 Support from Network Engineers


Secure Online Portal for Easy Visibility


Plug-and-play Installation

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