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Fixed Wireless Backup Internet

APX Net Fixed Wireless Backup service is a business internet solution built to provide a redundant connection to your primary fiber deployment. Bundling dedicated fiber internet service with fixed wireless reduces risk to your business by taking every measure possible to ensure connectivity.

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What Is Fixed Wireless Internet?

Fixed wireless provides high-speed broadband Internet access to a single location via radio waves. By utilizing antennas, towers and an express line of sight (LoS) to transmit point-to-point signals, fixed wireless technology eliminates the need for terrestrial cable, satellite feeds or local phone lines.

Our solution is a reliable, cost-effective secondary backup link for businesses that cannot afford communication loss and downtime. Fixed wireless provides an independent and truly redundant internet connection by not relying on the local exchange and bypassing the local loop.

You’ll stay connected to your customers, partners and employees with unlimited access to your data and mission-critical business applications.

Let’s Talk About How APX Net Fixed Wireless Internet Can Help You?
What is fixed wireless?


The Benefits of Fixed Wireless Backup Internet

Enterprises turn to APX Net for our fixed wireless backup Internet solution for these key reasons:

Guaranteed Internet Speeds

Guaranteed Speeds

Your fixed wireless connection is dedicated to your enterprise locations with guaranteed speed and throughput.

Fast Installation

Ease of Implementation

Fixed wireless only requires an express line of sight (LoS) to a location and an antenna to receive the signal. Given the fast installation, it can serve as a provisional primary connection while your fiber is being installed. 

Redundant Connections


Fixed wireless as a secondary connection ensures your business is always online through an alternate backup delivery method to your primary fiber connection.

How Can APX Net Fixed Wireless Internet Work for your Business?

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Fixed Wireless Internet FAQs

The business Internet experts at APX Net have been solving data network challenges for businesses for two decades. We’ve encountered several frequently asked questions (FAQs) about fixed wireless Internet solutions that can help enterprises understand whether APX Net Fixed Wireless Internet is right for them.

What type of contract do I have to commit to?

APX Net offers industry-standard two, three and five-year contract lengths.

How much does APX Net Fixed Wireless Internet cost?

APX Net doesn’t offer one-size-fits-all fixed wireless Internet pricing plans. Every quote is customized by a member of our team to meet your needs. Fixed wireless is typically a cost-effective secondary circuit solution. You can learn more about our pricing process here or check your service availability right away here.

Is APX Net the right Fixed Wireless Internet provider for my business?

Enterprises turn to APX Net for these key reasons:

  • Serviceability – Ability to reach metro and rural locations across the U.S. and Canada with primary and secondary circuits.
  • Expert Network Engineering – Our tenured engineers specify the optimal network design to meet your needs. And within 24 hours of your order, they host a technical kick-off call to ensure your network is deployed right.
  • 24/7 Technical Support – We provision your network for maximum uptime, but if you ever have an issue, our U.S.-based Network Operations Center (NOC) and technical support experts are available 24/7/365.

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