What is an Ethernet Private Line?

What is an ethernet private line

APX Private Lines use point-to-point Ethernet connections to quickly and securely move high volumes of data between two sites, such as your headquarters and data center, without traversing the public Internet. Since your data isn’t touching the Internet, Private Lines are ideal for obtaining security certifications and complying with data privacy regulations.

Additionally, Private Lines create dedicated links that aren’t shared with other businesses, so you get guaranteed speeds and throughput.

What’s more, our Private Lines can carry all types of mission critical data with a high quality of service (QoS). They’re designed for critical applications and data backup and restoration as well as real-time collaboration with video conferencing.

Let’s Talk About How APX Net Private Line Can Help You?

What is an ethernet private line

how it works

How Does an Ethernet Private Line Work?

Our Ethernet Private Lines combines the simplicity of Ethernet with the security of point-to-point connections. We provision a point-to-point virtual dedicated connection through our network between two user network interfaces (UNIs) on your network equipment (i.e., network routers) at each business location.

Ethernet private lines can be provisioned over fiber, copper, DS1/DS3, or DOCSIS. We recommend Ethernet over Fiber connections wherever possible.

How Do Ethernet Private Lines Work?

How Can APX Net Private Line Work for Your Business?


Using Our Ethernet Private Line Services

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There are many ways to leverage our Private Line services, but our enterprise customers typically use them for the following applications:


Moving data between locations and data storage hubs


High-quality communications between locations


Rapid data backup and restoration


Ensuring business continuity with a secondary, redundant Ethernet Private Line

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The Benefits of an Ethernet Private Line

Our Private Line services offer several benefits to your organization, including:

High Speed Private Line Solution

High Speed

Our Private Line solution provides a direct path between two locations at speeds up to 100Gbps.

Prioritizing Traffic with Private Lines

Traffic Prioritization

Ethernet Private Lines let you prioritize a range of business applications with multiple classes of service.

Low Latency

Low Latency

APX Net Private Lines are ideal for supporting latency-sensitive applications like real-time video.

Ethernet Private Line Connection for Scalability


Ethernet Private Lines allow you to quickly and granularly increase bandwidth from 10Mbps to 100Gbps.

Private Lines for Security


APX Net Private Lines secure your critical data traffic by using dedicated, private connections.

Private Lines for Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Ethernet Private Lines can replace traditional private lines with a more flexible and affordable connection.

How Can APX Net Private Lines Benefit Your Business?

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The Features of an Ethernet Private Line


High Speeds

Ethernet Private Lines range from 10Mbps to 100Gbps.


99.999% Uptime

We deliver an industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees performance levels and 99.999% uptime.


Engineering & Design

Our team works with you to determine your bandwidth needs and manage the implementation process.


Technical Support

Our U.S.-based Network Operations Center (NOC) operates 24/7 and is available to resolve any service issues.


Flexible Payment Options

Costs for capital assets can be amortized monthly or billed as a one-time expenditure.

Ready to Bypass the Internet with Secure Point-to-Point Ethernet?

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