APX Net Announces Partner of the Year!

Dec 30, 2020

By Karen Mathis, Director of Marketing

We are pleased to share that Premier Technology Group (PTG), from Lancaster, PA, has been selected as APX Partner of the Year 2020!

PTG has grown to be one of our key strategic partners over the past three years. The leadership team holds high standards of excellence and embraces the same APX principals for building lasting relationships.

“Our business philosophies are very similar, how we treat employees, customers, our communities; these common core values make it a natural fit for us to enjoy a successful partnership,” said Jeff Wood, president of sales.

Aligning together in culture is just one of several reasons why PTG was selected to win this award. PTG has also delivered the most consistent volume of qualified sales opportunities this year. In addition, they have a clear understanding of how we do many little things differently that add up to a huge difference in customer satisfaction and retention.

The PTG team is also knowledgeable and committed to understanding the desired outcome on complex client projects. “They advocate strongly for their clients by working closely with APX to design and deliver solutions within budget and expected time-frames,” said John Howlett, channel sales manager.

“From sales through service delivery, our teams’ collaborate on getting the necessary questions answered, proper expectations delivered and consistent communication to our clients,” added Howlett.

“PTG doesn’t shy away from tough discussions and fosters open, supportive dialogue.”

We look forward to another successful year with the PTG team! Congratulations!

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