APX Net Announces Partner of the Year 2021!

Jan 17, 2022

We are pleased to share that Net7 Solutions, from Franklin, MA, has been selected as APX Net Partner of the Year 2021!

“Net7 has grown to be one of our key partners over the past three years, consistently bringing single site clients and multi-site Fortune 100 corporations to APX,” said Jeff Wood, president of sales. Our companies were started on similar beliefs, most importantly, that customer service was failing in this industry and alternative solutions were needed to disrupt the pattern of poor performance.”

“It is abundantly clear, after working with Net7 on numerous projects, that we are aligned in our commitment to provide an exceptional customer experience,” added Wood.

This strategic alignment has led to a mutual trust and appreciation of efforts, from sales to provisioning to technical support.  It takes more than just the right price to win business with Net7.

“The Net7 team is very knowledgeable and understands how to sell our value to their clients. They consistently provide detailed information and requirements up front on opportunities. This allows me to present the most competitive, customized solution,” said Kevin Osborne, director of channel sales.

“Although pricing is important, Net7 sells on the solution and how the customer experience is just as important. They have dozens of providers to choose from, and we all might be similar in price, but they understand that we do many little things differently that add up to a huge difference in customer satisfaction and retention. All around great group of people that I enjoy working with daily,” added Osborne.

We look forward to another awesome year with the Net7 team. Congratulations!

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