APX Net Reimagines Telecom Billing Process with Modern Platform

Sep 2, 2020

Efficient, Digital Process Saves Time and Ensure Accuracy of Ordering and Invoicing

APX Net launched a new and improved billing system in April 2020 that leverages the cloud-based, API-driven platform from viax.io. “We now have a system that is intuitive, efficient, flexible – essentially a digital process that mimics our real work process and saves us time,” said APX Net COO Heidi Burns. APX Net’s new billing system features three modular building blocks that integrate seamlessly with each other, including:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): APX Net now has a holistic and centralized view of customer interactions, lead management, lead-to-quote and order features. The CRM streamlines user and role management with attribute-level permissions to give the APX Net team increased control.
  • Order Management System (OMS): APX Net’s new OMS serves as a guide in determining availability, setting schedules and prioritizing different customer orders placed through various channels. Rules-based order routing enables APX Net’s quick response to new orders from multilocation enterprises.
  • Product Configurator: This simplified versioning approach to product modeling supports multilevel and solution models and the ability to create product models without coding.

APX Net is now able to:

  • Create new customer data independently of creating new contracts: Customer data is maintained in the CRM, while contracts are maintained in OMS, using data housed in the CRM. Decoupling customer data from new contract creation allows for entering customer data, even when the contract’s full scope is unknown.
  • Enter customer data once and use across the platform modules: The master customer data is stored centrally in the CRM, saving the time and hassle of re-entering data during contract creation, for example.
  • Start contracts with known data and save as a draft to be completed later: In addition, the OMS allows APX Net to save orders in different states of completion, such as when contracts are not ready for activation, but data must be saved for further processing.
  • Streamline product management with a single configurable product: The Product Configurator allows APX Net to configure variations of a product rather than create different products for each permutation and combination of variants.

To learn more, read the full case study: https://viax.io/case-study-apx-net-reimagining-the-billing-process-when-creating-less-gives-the-client-more/.

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