How to Choose an Internet Provider for Your Enterprise Business

Aug 28, 2023

You can’t be quick to pull the trigger when selecting an ISP (Internet Service Provider) for your business. Since enterprise internet services are the lifeblood of your organization, connectivity inefficiencies, problems and limitations can impede business processes and exact a serious toll on productivity and even revenue. It’s vital to assess your enterprise network needs and your provider options to choose the type of internet that’s best for your business.

The 6 Most Important Considerations in Enterprise ISP Selection

Keep the following considerations top of mind when evaluating your ISP options:

Shared vs. Dedicated Internet

Shared internet connections allow multiple users or businesses to share bandwidth on an ISP’s network. Shared connections typically offer favorable connectivity price points but come at a hefty cost in terms of speed, latency and performance during peak hours, when bandwidth is stretched thin across all users.

Dedicated internet connections provide businesses access to an exclusive, fixed amount of bandwidth. Dedicated connections avoid the congestion common with shared connections so consistent performance is guaranteed. Additionally, dedicated connections enhance security since traffic is isolated from other users.

Dedicated internet access (DIA) is a must for enterprises that need real-time data transmission or low latency, as well as any organization that wants to ensure fast, reliable access to cloud applications.

Enterprise-level Internet Speed

Business enterprise-level internet typically delivers high speeds to accommodate large data transfers, significant numbers of connected users, complex application processes and multiple business locations. Enterprise fiber internet delivers best-in-class internet speed with reliable and symmetrical upload and download speeds. Since all enterprises are not built the same, right-sizing services to achieve optimum price-to-performance ratios for business internet speed – sometimes on the basis of location or seasonal needs – can ensure best-in-class connectivity while keeping a careful eye on spending.

Redundancy and Uptime

Internet outage and network downtime levy exorbitant costs in lost productivity, revenue and reputation damage for businesses of all sizes. But the cost of downtime is particularly acute for enterprises, where the scale of stalled operations can accrue significant losses quickly. For all these reasons, ISPs with reliable redundancy and failover technologies are essential to minimizing downtime risks for enterprises.

Reliable Customer Service

Fast and reliable customer service is essential when selecting an ISP. Your enterprise needs to review contract terms and service level agreements (SLAs) – not only to ensure guaranteed uptime but also the level of support you’ll receive if a problem does arise. Dedicated, 24/7 customer service is critical.

Multisite Requirements

Multisite enterprises have complex networking and connectivity needs. Selecting an ISP with robust technology and features to deliver enterprise business internet can increase performance and reduce headaches. Look for:

  • WAN Connectivity – WAN (Wide-Area Networking), the backbone of enterprise network architectures, connects geographically dispersed business locations to data centers and cloud services. WAN is a must for multisite enterprises and can be enhanced through additional network solutions.
  • SD-WAN – SD-WAN (Software-defined Wide-Area Networking) leverages software to control network connectivity, management and services across locations. SD-WAN enables businesses to deploy WAN solutions faster while lowering costs, adding failover redundancy and enhancing security. SD-WAN can integrate with or replace MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) networks to route data to the correct locations.
  • Centralized Management – Multisite enterprises need an internet solution with a single, centralized platform for network monitoring and management to streamline operations and ensure consistent policies and configurations across locations.
  • Remote Work Enablement – Enterprises with remote workforces need services from a provider that delivers support for fully-remote and hybrid work models.

Custom Network Deployments

Enterprises with complex or robust internet requirements need an ISP that’s experienced in creating, deploying and managing flexible enterprise internet solutions. Custom network solutions are particularly valuable for managing bandwidth requirements, security frameworks, regulatory compliance, scalability and other unique network characteristics.

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