Dedicated Internet Access: How APX Net Enabled Business Growth

Jan 9, 2024

Dedicated Internet Access: How APX Net Enabled Business Growth

Multisite enterprises with extensive network needs consistently encounter the same problems when sourcing high-bandwidth internet solutions. They’re forced to deal with inadequate customer service, interact with inexperienced sales reps and install Type II circuits that require contracts with multiple carriers.

APX Net’s leaders understand these problems and built their company to solve them. APX Net helps multisite enterprises by delivering a painless network sourcing and installation experience, including access to its long-standing network of carrier partners, fiber-based single-carrier Type I circuits and consolidated invoicing and support.

Don’t take our word for it. Consider the following success stories illustrating how APX Net helped enterprises in industries where reliable networks are critical.

The Network Challenges of a Healthcare Giant

A fast-growing provider of senior care services was expanding and enhancing its network operations due to a recent acquisition and new construction. The healthcare provider’s business internet services required maximum network uptime to support 24/7 patient care. So, the company decided to deploy fiber-based Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) across its facilities but ultimately found the process of sourcing providers too challenging and complex to tackle alone. The healthcare practice called on APX Net for assistance in sourcing enterprise internet services from providers that serve its office locations, collecting and comparing quotes, negotiating pricing and coordinating fiber builds.

APX Net’s Solution for Healthcare

By working with APX Net, the healthcare provider offloaded, simplified and accelerated DIA sourcing and installation at its facilities. Instead of contacting and managing multiple providers, they leveraged APX Net’s single-source approach and called on APX Net to handle all its network installation needs.

APX Net project managers took on the heavy lifting of designing and implementing Type I DIA circuits — the best type of internet for enterprises — and managing new construction when required. APX Net engineers stepped in to find creative ways to connect sites in remote areas when needed.

With APX Net’s customer-first approach and expert project management, our healthcare client’s DIA sourcing and installation headaches were eliminated, enabling its IT team to focus on delivering technological enhancements to patient care.

The Challenges of a Global Energy Powerhouse

Another of APX Net’s customers is a Fortune 100 integrated electricity and gas provider. Recently, the multinational energy company planned to build several wind farms in remote, rural areas and needed high-bandwidth connectivity with fast business internet speed to monitor gear remotely and collect data analytics to ensure operational safety and efficiency. During the process, the energy giant encountered a big problem: network providers could not reach these rural locations and refused to deploy new fiber connections. So, the company called on APX Net for assistance in sourcing and installing the fiber builds for its remote wind farms.

APX Net’s Solution for the Leading Energy Provider

APX Net took over the sourcing process by interfacing with the network providers directly. APX Net leveraged its long-standing relationships and credibility with network providers to get them back to the table.

APX Net tapped its engineering expertise to create profitable models and highlight key opportunities for network providers to justify new fiber builds. APX Net provided additional assistance in navigating the energy provider’s arduous contract procurement process and protracted contract negotiations. APX Net worked quickly to meet the company’s legal requirements and accounting needs and even secured financing to speed up construction.

After the contracts were settled, APX Net oversaw the deployment of Type I DIA circuits and delivered fiber-optic connections to all locations. Thanks to APX Net, the global energy provider’s DIA sourcing and installation project was streamlined and virtually pain-free.

Why Choose APX Net as Your Business Internet Provider

Early on, APX Net’s leaders identified enterprises’ challenges in sourcing, building and managing their data networks. The company’s success is built on solving them one by one. These challenges include:

  • Inexperienced Account Reps – The revolving door of telco sales representatives, resulting in disjointed information and broken promises. APX Net employs seasoned telecom experts who have worked with APX Net for years and bring decades of experience in business internet, data networks and carrier processes to build and manage your network.
  • Geographical Fragmentation – Suppliers across geographies force businesses to use Type II circuits that involve multiple providers and invoices across locations. APX Net only offers fiber-based Type I connections and delivers one contact and one invoice for all your locations.
  • Anonymous Call Centers – Anonymous telco customer support call centers that deliver poor customer care. At APX Net, calls are answered in real-time by internet and data network professionals who understand your business and network needs.

Whether you need help navigating the complexity of modern networks, installing fiber solutions and Fixed Wireless backup, or choosing an internet provider for your enterprise, APX Net has your back.

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